Anti-War Losers

Anti-War Losers

March 10, 2003                              They sided with a killer



“The world now knows that the anti-war people sided with a killer. From now on, only the stupidest of the stupid will ever again believe anything these people say.”






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Dennis Domrzalski (Dom-zal-ski) is one of the funniest and most entertaining columnists and authors writing today. He rants against stupidity, hypocrisy, mediocrity and conformity with a flair, blue-collar bluntness and hilarity that no one can match. And his targets, whether they’re corrupted bureaucrats, blowhard, talentless newspaper editors, or dim-witted celebrities hate him because he makes them look like the losers they really are.

The Chicago native has been a newspaper reporter and columnist for 23 years. His new comic novel, I Got Stinky Feet, is an insanely funny attack on everything that is phony, pretentious and politically correct in America.



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     “Thank you, Mister Bush.”

     With those words Wednesday afternoon from an Iraqi man in Baghdad who watched U.S. tanks roll into the city, the war in Iraq officially became a stunning disaster for America’s leftists, the world’s knee-jerk America haters, and for the anti-war crowd who long ago lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and good and evil.

     It was a disaster for them long before those Baghdad citizens threw a rope around the neck of a statue of Saddam Hussein and tried to pull it down; long before the American soldiers yanked it down with a chain and the Iraqis went wild with the happiness of freedom, but these fools refused to accept it.

     It has been a disaster for these losers, not only because our volunteer military crushed the enemy with relative ease in less that three weeks, but because the war has shown the world in TV color just what a demented killer their beloved Saddam Hussein is; a disaster because it has shown just what frauds these people are and just how badly they have betrayed the notion of human liberty and human rights.

     The frothing America haters could deny or minimize the genocidal habits of their hero Hussein before the fighting and the reporting began, but not anymore. Before, they could argue that Hussein was, who knows what—a mini-thug, a guy who killed only a few people and raped and beheaded only a few women, a killer they could live with because, like them, he too hated the U.S.

     They could get away with their sickening rationalizations because we humans tolerate a little killing here and lots of killing there, so long as we’re not the ones being killed. And they got away with it because they made it seem as if the all-powerful U.S. was invading sleepy Switzerland or unimportant Luxemburg for their fine chocolates. They argued that we had invaded merely because we were bullies who had a sudden, whimsical impose to kick ass and blow stuff up.

     The Pentagon’s decision to put hundreds of reporters from scores of nations in with the troops has put an end to their game of denial. Those reporters have show just how dangerous that denial has been.

     Hussein’s murderers shielded themselves with women and children when they attacked American and British troops, sending those victims out in front to be shot. Even the weepiest pacifist and the most hardened America hater can’t ignore the brutality of that tactic. You can bet that the hate America crowd is disappointed that it was Hussein’s killers, and not American troops, who did that.

     Hussein’s goons, and not Americans, hid themselves in mosques, cemeteries and other holy places to fight. It was Americans who refused to fire at the mosques.

     It was Hussein’s troops who packed schools—What about the children!—and hospitals with guns, grenades and gas masks. You would think the NEA would be outraged about this, but they’re not. They’re too busy plotting to keep America’s inner-city minority and poor students enslaved in public schools that don’t teach anything.

     America’s leftists and Democrats are quick to denounce the militia movement in the U.S., but these hypocrites haven’t squeaked a peep about Hussein’s black-clad militia who kill people for fun.

     It was Hussein, who, by refusing to surrender or kill himself, set Baghdad and its five million citizens up for potential destruction and death, not the U.S.

     It was Hussein’s Baath Party that executed members for even thinking about joining another political party. Not even America’s Democrats are that fanatic. And it was Hussein’s killers who turned hospitals into torture chambers.

     The leftists and anti-war people are furious because this war has shown what they really are: People who are so blinded by ideology that they can’t distinguish between right and wrong and good and evil; shallow misfits who are incapable of siding with good; and frauds who cloak their hatred of the freest, most compassionate nation history has ever known with anti-war slogans.

     The war is a disaster because people form American to Europe and the Middle East now see that Hussein was a greater monster than they ever thought, and that America was right in going to war to eradicate him. And it’s a disaster because the world now knows that the anti-war people sided with a killer. From now on, only the stupidest of the stupid will ever again believe anything these people say.

     After the Battle of Britain, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill praised the heroic young pilots of the RAF, who, although greatly outnumbered, beat back the Nazi air force and kept alive the fight for human freedom. Churchill said that never before in the history of human conflict had “so many owed so much to so few.”

     Today’s anti-war people have distinguished themselves in a different way in the first war of the 21st century. Never before have so many made idiots of themselves before so many.


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