Trent Lott Is An Idiot

Trent Lott Is An Idiot

January, 2003                But Dems and their news media lackeys are hypocrites




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     Trent Lott is an idiot.

     There's no other way to say it, and there's no sense wasting good words trying to figure out what this guy was thinking when he recently did more to hurt the Republican Party than any welfare state-loving Democrat ever could.

     But don't waste all your insults, contempt, derision and sense of righteous outrage on the cardboard-haired U.S. senator from Mississippi. Save half of it for Democrats and their apologists in the news media.

     Lott is an idiot, true. But Democrats are race-baiting hypocrites and cynical opportunists who care more about their own power than they do about the American people. And their PR lackeys in the news media are the biggest frauds to ever hit this nation.

     How do we know this? Because these losers prove this to us every day with their behavior—with what they say and don't say, with what they print and air, and with what they don't.

     Let's hope that by now everybody knows that Lott made an ass out of himself by suggesting at a birthday party for retiring colleague Strom Thurmond that America would have been better off if Thurmond had won the 1948 presidential race.

     Thurmond ran that year as a segregationist. He pledged to battle federal bayonets, if necessary, in order to keep those darkies out of our schools, churches, swimming pools, laundromats, beauty parlors, lousy restaurants, funeral homes and graveyards.

     Even in 1948 most Americans had enough sense to cringe at the thought of electing to the presidency a jerk who thought that the way to make America greater and stronger was to keep an entire segment of its population uneducated, poor, oppressed and hopeless. Some of those voters, no doubt, had respect for the more than 600,000 Americans who had their arms, legs and heads blown off in the Civil War. Thurmond wasn't elected.

     Democrats have been salivating over Lott's remarks. They've pretty much accused him of firing the first shot on Fort Sumter, have called him a racist, and have demanded that he not only step down as the Republican leader in the Senate, but that he resign from the Senate as well.

     Jesse Jackson and the other usual suspects have been ranting that Lott and all Republicans are vile, no-good racists.

     Card-carrying Democrats in the news media have salivated as well. They've gleefully kept the story going while waiting for Lott to be dumped. They've somberly reminded us that these types of remarks have no place in today's America, and that such racial insensitivity should be punished.

     They're right. There is no place in America for racial hatred. And anybody who thinks it's OK to purposely keep any racial or ethnic group oppressed, poor and hopeless is a traitor to the American dream.

     It's doubtful that Lott is a racist pig. Feelings like that are hard to hide. And anyone who does feel that way can't get elected to high office, let alone the U.S. Senate these days. 

     Lott's crime is that, for whatever reason, he said something stupid that gave the enemy, in his case, Democrats, ammunition to fight him.

     Republicans have just won control of both houses of Congress and are poised to push for tax cuts and other things that will further dismantle the freedom-destroying Democratic welfare state and give more freedom to everybody, Blacks and other minorities included.

     But now the race-baiting Democrats will try to block those efforts by labeling every policy that Republicans propose as racist and anti-minority. It will make the job of liberating Americans from the shackles of government slavery much harder.

     That's Lott's crime.

     But in pouncing on Lott's stupidity, Democrats and many members of the news media, have shown their massive hypocrisy.


     By letting the world know that in their eyes, some bigots are more acceptable than other bigots. Specifically, that Democratic bigots are to be admired, rewarded and celebrated, while Republican bigots are to be reviled and punished.

     You see, in 2001, that Democratic icon, West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, made a racist remark that makes Lott's birthday party statement seem almost innocent.

     In a televised statement Byrd used the term "White nigger."

     Surprised? Didn't hear about that before?

     Of course you didn't. The Democrats and their pals in the news media didn't make a stink about it. Jesse Jackson, who once referred to New York City as "Hymietown," didn't flap his jaws and denounce Byrd as a racist pig and demand that he resign.

     The esteemed members of the news media didn't "run" with the story as they have with Lott's racist remarks. They didn't address us in hushed tones outside of Byrd's office while speculating about his political demise.


     Because they're hypocrites. They hate Republicans and love Democrats. A Republican who makes a dumb remark at a birthday party for a 100-year-old geezer is an evil reminder of our racist past, while a Democrat who uses the term "white nigger" in public gets a pass.

     Lott is an idiot and shouldn't be leading the Republicans in the Senate. But if the rest of us continue to let the Democrats and the news media get away with their hypocrisy, we'll have something much worse than a nation full of racists.

     We'll have a nation of people dumber than Trent Lott.


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