Crybaby Democrats Blame Voters

Crybaby Democrats Blame Voters

Dec. 12, 2002




“Most Americans support the idea of using our bombs, missiles and lasers to rid the world of monsters who shoot women in the head for daring to go to school …”






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Whiny Losers

Democrats Blame Their Failures On Voters


            If you kept a can of gasoline next to a wood-burning stove and it blew up and the house burned down, who would you blame? Yourself, or the firefighters for failing to squirt enough water on the blaze?

            If you gave yourself a gap-toothed smile by smashing your jaw with a big hammer, would you blame yourself, or the company that made the hammer?

            If you owned a restaurant and your customers repeatedly told you they wanted steak and eggs for breakfast, but you had only tofu and ionized air on the menu, who would you blame for a lack of business? Yourself, or the customers?

            If you are a Democrat, or one of the thousands of brain-dead pundits in America, you'd choose the last answer to those questions.

            How do we know? Because that's the answer that Democratic party officials, their candidates and their apologist lackeys in the news media have been giving for the electoral disaster that hit Democrats on Nov. 5.

            The excuses for the party's loss of seats in the House and its loss of control of the Senate are pathetic, insulting, and in the grand tradition of modern-day Democrats, contemptuous of normal, hard-working, independent-thinking Americans.

            The Dems have been whining that they lost because their base didn't turn out to vote, that Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities didn't tromp to polling places and vote en masse for Democrats. They've sniffled that the news media didn't get their message out. And they've been outraged that Americans are more concerned right now about stomping the homicidal maniac Saddam Hussein and the blood-thirsty Osama bin Laden than they are about paying for prescription drugs and raising taxes.

            Democrats have been engaging in the most insulting behavior of all: Blaming their own stupidity, incompetence and irrelevance on everyone else.

            For years now, Americans have been demanding steak and eggs for breakfast. They've been shouting for less government, a stronger military, and the most basic of human rights, the right to keep more of the money they work so hard to earn.

            Since Sept 11, Americans have realized more than ever that the world is full of evil freaks who hate us, who hate freedom and who are hell-bent on destroying us. And they understand that we've got to kill them before they kill us.

            Most Americans support the idea of using our bombs, missiles and lasers to rid the world of monsters who shoot women in the head for daring to go to school or for showing their eyebrows in public.

            The majority of Americans think that rather than playing nicey-nice with the mass-murderer Hussein, we should bomb the crap out of the piece of human garbage before he kills more people.

            Most Americans know from the grateful smiles of the unshackled Afghan women that we did the right thing in bombing and shooting the slave-driving Taliban out of business.

            And since 9-11, the clear majority of Americans believe that George Bush is the right guy to be president and that he's doing a great job in leading the nation.

            But while Americans have been demanding steak and eggs for breakfast, Democrats have been offering them tofu and ionized air.

             While we've been asking to keep more of our money, Democrats have been scolding us and telling us that we can't keep our money.

             While we've been demanding a coffin for that Damn Saddam, Democrats have been wincing and telling us it's not nice to kill a budding Adolph Hitler.

          While we've supported Bush in pushing for quick action against Hussein, Democrats have been waiting--apparently--for the deaths of thousands and millions of more Israelis and Kurds before deciding to do the right thing.

            While we've supported the use of force to protect our nation and our collective freedoms, the Democrats have cringed. While we've started punching back at those who punched us first, Democrats have demanded that we not punch back and that we become a punching bag for every freedom-hating, woman-killing religious zealot on the planet.

            And while we've believed that President Bush is doing the right thing and looking out for us, Democrats have been shrieking that he's a war-mongering lunatic.

            Democrats are way out of touch with normal Americans, and that gulf grows wider each day. But rather than blaming themselves for not listening to us and doing what we want them to do, they're blaming us for not thinking the way they want us to.

            Rather than respecting our views, Democrats are outraged that we have views; they're appalled that we can think for ourselves. They've left the gas can by the stove and blamed the firefighters for the fire. They've hit themselves on the head with a hammer and blamed the hammer maker for the blood.

            There is comfort, though, in watching the Democrats blame their electoral loss, not on their tired, worn and dumb ideas, but on everyone else. A restaurant that offers tofu and ionized air to customers who demand steak and eggs will quickly go out of business.

             The Democrats are sprinting to bankruptcy court.


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