I Got Stinky Feet

I Got Stinky Feet
A Damn Funny Book

I Got Stinky Feet, Do You?

Well, then buy the damn book!

Holy Smokes!



"The kind of book Mark Twain would had written if he had had a motorcycle. A sustained and hilarious assault on everything that is cheesy, cheap, fake, phony, pretentious and politically correct in the U.S."—Mark Sienkiewicz Metz, France.



"Deadly funny! Domrzalski made me laugh out loud with this amazing tale. This is not just a very funny book, it is larded with many deadly truths. Our protagonists repeatedly savage the corrupted bureaucrats, judges, cops and other authority figures with razor-sharp dialogue. This book should be on tape—but only if the author is the reader. Then it would be 10 times as good."—Maurice Possley, Chicago Tribune and author of Everybody Pays



"Gut-busting ... hilarious ... a breezy read, no-holds barred storytelling. Just about everyone you can think of gets reamed in these pages. A wild ride from start to finish."--Weekly Alibi



"Domrzalski lances the boils on American society. I Got Stinky Feet had me laughing so hard that I shook. When it comes to biting sarcasm and witty social commentary,

Domrzalski is hilarious--" Kevin Petrie, New Mexico Business Weekly



"An adventure story that contains wit and oddball wisdom."--Albuquerque Journal



"I laughed so hard I

choked! This book is killing me. The funniest book I've ever read!"—Michael Gallegos.



     They would save the wicked from the pious, the rich from the poor, melt the tundra, eat their shoes and die several times over if necessary. Dennis and Dave, sick of their drug-invested, blue-collar Chicago neighborhood, decide to bust out by embarking on the greatest adventure of all time: A cross-country motorcycle trip begun in the dead of winter.

      Their stated mission of saving the wicked from the pious is a big enough challenge, but these two take on even more. They wage desperate battles against humanity’s most frightening enemies, including poets, wine connoisseurs, shoe sniffers, newspaper editors and square dancers. And they unravel some of life’s deepest mysteries, like why old people walk so and why some people don’t wear underwear.

     I Got Stinky Feet is an explosion of mad energy that leaves behind the mangled wreckage of hypocrisy, stupidity, mediocrity and conformity. Domrzalski savages corrupt bureaucrats, judges, cops and other authority figures with a deft blend of humor and satire. Bold and irrepressible!

     I Got Stinky Feet is a 6 by 9-inch paperback with 40 strangely evocative line drawings.


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