Hypocrites on Steroids

Hypocrites on Steroids

See if you can find a politician anywhere who writes his or her own news releases. They don't. They have flunkies doing it because most of them can't put together a sentence or put a clear, concise thought on paper. Their PR hacks and spin doctors make them look smarter than they really are. Is this not a performance enhancer? Of course it is.

TV anchor people and all those TV sportscasters put on gobs of makeup before they go on their air to hide their hideous warts, wrinkles and moles. The makeup makes them look better than they really are. No one would watch them if we saw what they really looked like. Makeup is a performance enhancer, and no one bitches about that. The TV people project an air of authority, competence and knowledge about world and local events. But they do little or no reporting. They don't even write their own material. Producers write the stuff for them and they just read it off the teleprompter. Another performance enhancer. How come these anchor people and sports casters aren't snitching off themselves?

Because they're hypocrites.

Consider movie actresses. They're coated with makeup, fitted into custom-designed outfits and attended by armies of hair dressers who make them look like something other than the booze and drug-infused bags that they really are. A TV station recently ran a special on what some actresses look like without all the performance and image enhancers. It was ugly, and so were they.

So layoff the over-muscled giants in baseball. They're just following the examples of Congress and Hollywood.