Nags Nag The Wish Givers

Nags Nag The Wish Givers

1997                                                  Shooting bears is more fun




“You can get thrown out of some colleges these days for taking a dislike to loud, fat women, advocating freedom of speech or for desiring to marry someone of the opposite sex.”





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            I've never given a cent to charity.

            It's not because of a lack of money, but because I'm selfish and mean-spirited, and prefer to spend my money on beer rather than on the salaries of charity officials.

            But that's changed. And it's not because I'm sick or because someone I know suddenly needs a liver transplant. I'm going to drop a few nickels on the Make-A-Wish Foundation because this organization, which is devoted to granting dying kids a last wish, is under attack from animal rights nags.

            The Foundation recently granted a Minnesota teen-ager who has a big brain tumor his dying wish to hunt a Kodiak bear. The kid and his dad went off to Alaska to hunt.

            And the shrews are angry. From California and other points on the freak and politically correct map, they're squeaking that it's wrong to kill animals and that the Foundation has committed some horrific act. And they're urging people to stop donating money to the Foundation.

            In past columns I've detailed how stupid, arrogant and hypocritical the animal rights people are, and won't waste any more space at it. But it's time to stand up to them. And if you care about freedom of choice and what this country is supposed to be about, you will.

            For the lifestyle dictators, under the guise of compassion for animals, are doing what Hitler, Stalin, Castro, religious zealots, corporate managers, baseball commissioners and every tyrant the world has ever known, have done and do. They're trying to impose their beliefs on everyone else and make others conform to their views. They're saying that only their opinions are valid. And they're saying that there is only one way to live life--their way.

            Foundation board member Douglas Elmets of Sacramento, Calif., said it well: "America is a mosaic of lifestyles and values. This kid grew up hunting and fishing his entire life. Should this be Make-A-Politically-Correct-Wish Foundation?"

            It shouldn't be. But increasingly, politically correct goons like the animal rights crowd are trying to control the rest of us. In Northern New Mexico, the Forest Guardians succeeded in closing off the forest to locals who needed to gather firewood for the winter. Never mind that locals had gathered wood for generations without harming the forest, and never mind they needed the wood to keep from freezing solid in their modest, often primitive, unheated homes.

            The Guardians, like other oppressive PC groups, claim a moral superiority over others. The only thing the Guardians are superior at is in trying to seal off the forest to all but a handful of backpacking, bird watching, nasal-voiced snobs like themselves.

            You can get thrown out of some colleges these days for taking a dislike to loud, fat women, advocating freedom of speech or for desiring to marry someone of the opposite sex.

            The Make-A-Wish Foundation is in business to grant the wishes of kids, not the wishes of adults who want to tell others what to eat, how to think, where to live and what to dream. The Foundation often sends kids to what I consider the most dangerous, unhealthy place on earth, a frightening area where kids get an irresponsible, distorted and perverted view of life and history. But I'm not going to demand that they stop sending kids to Disneyland.

            And there's nothing wrong with hunting. Humans have been on the planet for about 2 million years. In that span, billions of animals have been hunted and killed. Animals have been killing humans for fun, sport, food and out of mere anger for as long as we've coexisted. It's no big deal.

            I once had a boss who was a tyrant in moralist’s clothes. He proclaimed one day: "You are now all free to think exactly like me."

            If you care about freedom of choice and wouldn't want others to impose their views on you, give a few bucks to the Foundation or drop them a letter of support.

            Don't let the control freaks tell the kids: "You are free to wish for what we tell you to."


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